Patricia’s Story

It’s been a difficult, yet enlightening journey recovering from a brain injury.

It began with a concussion sustained in a fall on October 10, 2016. I tripped as I walked down my attic stairs. My head hit a hardwood floor 7-feet from the bottom of the staircase. I blacked out. I must admit the fall was frightening as I was propelled into the air for a moment. I was sure my hand would break on impact as I landed on my fist. Blood was everywhere; on my shoulder, along my arm, on my hand, and on my hardwood floor. The source was a puncture wound in my left palm from screws I held. There was no fracture fortunately, only badly bruised knuckles.


I developed typical post concussion symptoms such as headaches, sensitivity to light and noise, dizziness, vertigo, vision problems, insomnia and sleep disturbances. The persistent headaches were the…

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